Die Before You Die (2023) Feature Film. Credit: Dialogue Editor, Sound Designer

To England With Love (2023) Television Movie. Credit: Sound deisgner, dialogue editor.

A Very English Christmas (2023). Television Movie. Credit: Sound designer, dialogue editor.

Scarecrows (2020)- credit: Sound Designer
HOME (2019)- credit: Sound Designer and Composer
NO MORE SHALL WE PART (2019) credit: Rerecording Mixer
MARY ROSE TV advert (2018) credit: Sound Designer
KHOJ (2018) credit: Sound Designer
Live To Remain (2018) credit: Sound Recordist and Rerecording Mixer
CHALK GIRL for The Guardian (2017) credit: Sound Designer
Winner of Outstanding Achievement Award - Calcutta Film Festival 2017
PARDAA (2017) credit: Sound Recordist and Sound Designer
UNLICENSED (2017) credit: Sound Designer and Composer
INCARCERATION for Sesame Street (2014) credit: Composer
THE IMAGO (2014) credit: Composer